Recipe 01: Spicy Roasted Salsa | VEGAN

Made with roasted tomatoes, charred veggies and Marvetta!

Roasted TomatoesCharred Veggies


🌶 2 Pounds of Tomatoes, diced (about 6-8 plum or stem tomatoes)
🌶 1 Onion, quartered (I like to use red onions)
🌶 ½ Green Pepper
🌶 1 Lime
🌶 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
🌶 2-4 Tablespoons of Marvetta Mango Pepper Sauce 
🌶 S&P to taste
🌶 2 Jalapeños, whole and without the seeds (optional)
🌶 1 Cup of Cilantro (optional)
🌶 A Few Cloves of Garlic (optional)
🌶 Additional Spices (optional)


1. Pre-heat the oven at 450F. Season the tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil and roast tomatoes for 30 minutes.

2. In a really hot cast iron pan, char the onions, peppers (green and jalapeño) and garlic for about 2-4mins. You don’t want to cook them, just give it a nice smoky taste with the char.

3. When tomatoes are done roasting (and cooled down a bit), pulse them first in a food processor, then add Marvetta Mango Pepper Sauce and the remaining ingredients. Pulse until desired consistency.

4. Squeeze in the lime juice and season with additional salt and pepper.



  • If you can, use good tomatoes that haven't been refrigerated prior.
  • If you don't love cilantro like I do, you can swap it out for Parsley.
  • I'd recommend waiting for the charred veggies to cool before adding to the food processor. To make the blending process easier, you can chop the veggies into smaller chunks.
  • If you use just green peppers, I'd recommend using 1/2. If you are also using jalapeños, I'd use 1/4 of a green pepper.
  • I listed garlic as optional because Marvetta Mango Pepper Sauce already contains a lot of garlic... I just love garlic too much to not add more. You can char or roast them (I prefer to roast the extra cloves).
  • Suggestions for additional spices = oregano, cumin, garlic powder
  • If you have a lower tolerance for spice, I would start with 2 tbsp before adding more. If your salsa is too spicy / salty, you can simply add more tomatoes.
  • If you only have tomatoes, onions and bell peppers at home, you can make a simple salsa just by adding Marvetta Mango Pepper Sauce!
  • Store in a reusable Marvetta jar and store it in the fridge.



Video soon come!